Connecting to Amazon WorkSpaces Using a Linux Client

Good news! There is an easy way to connect to Amazon WorkSpaces using a Linux Client.

Before you start

I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel– I’m simply providing the steps required to use the Teradici Linux Client to connect to Amazon WorkSpaces. Please follow the links in each of the steps below for the details.

I do NOT recommend deploying or using this client in a production environment.

Overview of PCoIP Clients

  • Currently, you can access Amazon WorkSpaces using a variety of clients/platforms provided by Amazon, including, Windows PC, Mac OS, iOS, Zero Client, etc. (Supported Clients)
  • There’s no Linux Client officially supported by Amazon WorkSpaces. However, Teradici has released an early access of its Linux Client, which with some tricks can be used to access Amazon WorkSpaces. 😉
  • When using the Amazon WorkSpaces client, the session authentication happens between the client and the Amazon Authentication Gateway.
  • When using a Teradici Zero Client you must use the PCoIP Connection Manager (PCM) available by Teradici in the AWS Marketplace. The PCoIP Connection Manager acts as a gateway between the Zero Client and the Amazon WorkSpaces Authentication Gateway.

The trick to getting the Teradici Linux Client to Connect to Amazon WorkSpaces is to use the PCoIP Connection Manager (PCM) the same way it is used to connect with a Zero Client.

Installation and Configuration Steps:

I’m assuming your Amazon WorkSpaces has been deployed and you’re able to successfully access it using one of the Amazon supported clients.

1) Deploy and configure the PCoIP Connection Manager (PCM) for Amazon WorkSpaces

PCoIP® Connection Manager for Amazon WorkSpaces – Admin Guide

2) Install Teradici Linux Client on Ubuntu 16.04

Instructions for PCoIP Client for Linux

3) Connect to the Amazon WorkSpaces using the Linux Client

After installing the Teradici Linux client (Step 2), make sure to configure the security mode (security_mode=0 or security_mode=1) as per client installation instructions, then type pcoip-client command in the terminal to start the client.

3.1) In the Host Address box, enter the FQDN or public IP address of the PCoIP Connection Manager deployed in Step 1. Type a name/label for this connection, then click NEXT.

(Do NOT check the box Connect to PCoIP Remote Workstation card)

3.2) Enter the username and password, for your Workspace, then click LOGIN.

3.4) Click to select the Desktop: Amazon WorkSpace, then click CONNECT.

3.5) If successful, you should see your Amazon Workspace (Windows Desktop).

Enjoy the Linux client!

Please use the Teradici community forum for feedback, to report issues or feature requests.

Elcio Mello


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